MEGHALAYA-Abode of the Clouds

MEGHALAYA, also known as "Abode of the Clouds", has its unique cultural flavor in the form of its festivals, cuisine and pulsating music which runs in the veins of their lively people. Acknowledged as "one of the world's rare matrilineal societies" it is home to the Khasi, Garo and Jaintia tribes who have preserved their unique culture and way of life over the centuries; it's the land of folklore and myriad traditions. In this state, you will be buffeted with different dialects within short distances, have close encounters with people who communicate through their musical compositions and discover the charms of age-old fossils. The New York Times has described Mawlynnong, one of its remote but exotic village in such flowing terms: "Most come to see Mawlynnong's drop-dead gorgeousness: its tropical gardens, waterfalls and ancient living root bridges, not to mention sweeping mountain views, landscaped cobblestone streets and thatchedroof cottages. Travel articles bolster its nickname, 'God's Own Garden,' calling it 'the pride of India' and 'the cleanest village in Asia.' Meghalaya's 'ahimsa' tradition of sericulture (where the silk worm is not killed in the process of extracting erisilk from cocoons) continues to this day.Its wild orange honey and rare organic teas from the Khasi and Garo Hills can be relished in quaint tea estates while its exotic local cuisine can be savored sitting around a hearth in a village household

Guwahati - Double Decker Living Root Bridge Trek- Cherrapunji - Shillong
Duration : 4 Nights/ 4 Days
Guwahati – Kaziranga National Park -Shillong -Cherrapunji –Tryna-Nongriat - Double Decker Living Root Bridge Trek- Shillong
Duration : 6 Nights/ 7 Days
Dawki–Mawlynnong Cherrapunji –Tryna-Nongriat - Double Decker Living Root Bridge Trek -Shillong- Kaziranga National park
Duration : 7 Nights/ 8 Days